What is local education authority

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According to the Law on General Principles of the Organization of Local Self-Government, the issues of local importance that are under the jurisdiction of municipal formations include the organization, maintenance, and development of public institutions of pre-school, basic general and vocational education.

The admission of citizens to local educational institutions to obtain secondary vocational, higher vocational, and postgraduate vocational education is carried out on a competitive basis according to the statements of citizens. The conditions of the competition must guarantee the observance of the rights of citizens to education and ensure the enrollment of the most capable and prepared citizens to the development of an educational program of the appropriate level.

Local governments in the field of education have a number of exclusive powers. These include planning, organizing, regulating, and controlling the activities of local education authorities and educational institutions for the implementation of state education policy.

Local governments have the right to create and liquidate local education authorities, whose activities are aimed at ensuring the Federal program for the development of education, state educational standards and the functioning of the education system at the level of state standards.

Following current regulations, they take measures to provide students with scholarships, places in dormitories and boarding schools, special or free meals and transportation, other types of benefits, and material assistance.

Local governments create self-governing school districts, determine their structure and powers, appoint and dismiss as agreed with the state education administration authorities, heads of local education administration authorities. They appoint the heads of local educational institutions unless otherwise provided by the model regulations on educational institutions of the respective or by the decision of the local government.

Local governments issue licenses for the right to conduct educational activities in the event that their own powers are vested in the legislation of a constituent entity. Such licenses are issued on the basis of the conclusion of the expert commission, which includes representatives of the relevant local government and local education authority. The local government that issued the license ensures that the educational institution complies with the conditions stipulated by the license.