Publishing dissertation

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Little attention is paid to such an essential component of the preparation for defense as the publication of the author’s scientific papers on the topic of the thesis, which should precede the defense, in manuals, guides, and recommendations for candidates of a scientific degree. Moreover, the requirements for the quantity, quality, timing of scientific publications of applicants from year to year only increase.

The volume of scientific publications on the topic of the thesis should be entirely representative. The number of publications is not clearly defined in the current regulations (except for the requirement to publish at least 50 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications for applicants who submitted a dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science in a scientific report). But such requirements have developed in real practice. To defend a master’s thesis, it is advisable to publish at least two or three articles with a total of one to two printed pages (from 20 to 40 pages of typewritten text), which corresponds in size to about a quarter of the thesis. With a doctoral dissertation, the situation is more complicated. In recent years, recommendations have been made according to which the defense of a doctoral dissertation should be preceded by the publication of a monograph on the topic of the thesis with a volume of about 10 printed pages and at least seven more scientific articles. The total amount of publications should be approximately 20 printed pages, which corresponds to the volume of the doctoral dissertation. Therefore, it is a question of the need for publishing not only the main results but almost the entire work.

The strict time limits for the publication of scientific papers by applicants, which were provided by the previous edition of the Regulations on the procedure for awarding academic degrees, were not explicitly reflected in the new edition of the Regulations approved in 2011. The same applies to the requirements for completeness of thesis materials in the publications of the author.

It seems that the meaning of the requirement to publish the results of the thesis in scientific journals is to ensure that the general scientific community can become acquainted with them.