Persuasive essay

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Think carefully

Before sinking into work, make sketches for an essay. It is often a very productive activity. Therefore skillfully select stories, examples, and achievements. Here you can include professional experience, formal external activity, participation in university sections and even not quite official, but daily employment like hobbies and interests. An integrated approach provides an opportunity to approach the essay topics with the most essential information about you.

Set the balance

It is essential that there is a connection between all the essays to create a holistic and convincing picture of you as a person: who you are, what you have achieved, and what you have done yourself. Members of admissions offices are always looking for engaging, well-educated students who are ready to contribute to the school, both during class and off-campus. When choosing the topics of an essay from the list of possible, remember that the ideal option is to create a balance of examples that fully reveal a successful career path, as well as interests and hobbies in your free time.

Everything should be relevant

On the one hand, it is essential to have a rich selection of examples, stories, besides, it is good to present positive characteristics. And on the other, some nuances should not be mentioned in the essay. From the point of view of chronology, it is necessary to remember that each admissions committee is primarily interested in experience and knowledge, which originates from the university. Although there are exceptions, it’s usually better not to write in detail about the achievements at the university or the period of upbringing. Potentially sensitive or emotional topics, such as religion and politics, are among the undesirable.

Do not tell, but show

Keep in mind that the reader of your essay often spends only 15-20 minutes for each applicant. Therefore, it is imperative to create a clear impression of yourself. Thin, relevant humor or vivid details affect much more than general statements and extensive statements. Try to determine the correct amount of your influence explaining your actions thoroughly, supporting the essay with illustrated examples that all together will turn into a set of persuasive essays.